Open Your Eyes: 7 Dead-Giveaway Signs Of A Cheating Husband

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post.

As an investigator, I‘ve seen and heard a lot of crazy things… The husband who faked a skiing accident so he could spend a few weeks abroad with his mistress. The serious boyfriend who supposedly worked in the shipping industry and pretended he had to go to sea regularly, so he could lead three different lives and have three serious relationships going on at the same time.

But most affairs aren’t part of some weird and wonderful story. They’re much more routine. Today we’ll take a look at the seven most common signs we see every day.


Warning: Although it’s extremely likely a husband is having an affair if you see one of these signs, it isn’t true 100% of the time. Take care before you accuse someone – if you’re concerned, use our services and find out for sure.

#1 A friend tells you

Have you ever noticed you can see what’s right and wrong about other people’s relationships much more easily than you can your own? You probably wondered why you find it so much easier and the answer is simple. You’re not emotionally invested in the relationship. Now think about what it would take for you to tell your best friend that you think her husband is cheating on her. It’s certainly not an action you’d take lightly, is it? So, if a friend does pluck up the courage to talk, you should sit up and take notice.

#2 Immediate showers

Has he suddenly started taking a shower as soon as he gets home? It’s a dead giveaway. Most guys who cheat and need to take a shower at home won’t even get close to their wife before doing so. They’re afraid they smell of sex. It might not be a daily occurrence, so check and see if it’s happening on the same day each week.

#3 Device Mania

Has he suddenly become fanatical about his phone, computer or tablet? Won’t let you near it. Or, perhaps, there are no browsing history or text messages left? In our increasingly technical world, it’s nearly impossible to hide all digital footprints, but if your man is making the efforts to do so, it’s obvious you have to ask why. And the answer is almost always because he’s hiding something from you. What does he need to hide? That’s right, his affair.

#4 No reason accusations

This one is so common is a predictable indicator of a cheat. They accuse you of cheating for no apparent reason. Somehow, guys think this helps to distance you from them when they’re the ones cheating.

#5 Time warps

If your husband has suddenly become Doctor Who and travels into Time Warps, you have every right to be suspicious. What are Time Warps? They’re the unexplained periods of time every cheat needs to carry on with an affair. For example, he makes an excuse like he needs to go to the shop to buy something, but it takes 45 minutes when it should take 10. Look for them. You’ll find Time Warps within every cheats repertoire.

#6 Sex change

No, I don’t mean your husband has undergone surgery. I mean his sexual appetite has changed. He will either be a wild bull or not want any intimacy at all. It’s the change from what’s ordinary that’s important.

#7 Female on a pedestal

‘Female on a pedestal’ is my term for the way a man will mention the person he’s having an affair with in a platonic way. Yes, that’s right, he’ll talk about her to you. When he does, he’ll put her on a pedestal – by which I mean he’ll speak good of her. I know it sounds strange, but this happens in about 60% of cases.

So, there you have it. My seven dead-giveaway signs of a cheating husband.

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