4 Things You Didn’t Know About Being a Private Investigator

Ever though being a private investigator is all cool gadgets, fun stake-outs and catching bad guys in the act? Well, while there are exciting moments to the job, and certainly a lot of satisfaction to helping a client find out the truth, there are also some truly un-glamorous aspects to the private eye job that not many people are aware of. Read on for a juicy behind-the-scenes look at the life of a private investigator.

Our licence is the only thing keeping us out of jail

Following people, taking footage of them, accessing private records; all these things, if done without a licence, are extremely illegal. For this reason we must stay diligent and make sure we’re up to date on all of the legal sides of being a private investigator. If we’re anything but 100% legal, we face heave fines, a criminal record and even jail time!

We have clients get angry at us, no matter the outcome!

Working with people on sensitive subjects like cheating, fraud and drug use, the outcomes are highly sensitive. Seeing evidence of betrayal is always hard to deal with, and we’ve dealt with all sorts of reactions from people dealing with the truth of the information we’ve found. Others still are stuck in denial, and get angry at us for finding evidence to the contrary. But the truly strange aspect of a job as a private investigator is when people are angry at you… for proving that nothing is happening! Sometimes people are so convinced that betrayal is happening that they won’t believe anything otherwise, even when a highly trained Sydney/Melbourne private investigator has run a lengthy and thorough investigation and proved the opposite!

We work all hours

Unfortunately, people don’t confine all their secret affairs during business hours. Cheaters don’t keep their rendezvous within the 9-5 window, drug addled teens don’t rebel from their parents before the evening news, and the corporate fraud doesn’t only happen when the office is full and busy. But if there’s information to be found, we’re there, running our investigation. Not only do we run surveillance at all sorts of hours, following cheating husbands to mistresses houses, catching footage of midnight drug habits and everything in between, but we also take on client calls at any hour. If you’re ready to call a private eye to help you with something, it’s probably not sitting at your desk on lunch when you’ll make that call. So our phone is always ringing. Always.

Surveillance can get a bit gross….

Sitting around for hours, often in the heat, does not bode well. Running surveillance can mean that we don’t move for hours, and if we’re in a car we cannot have the aircon running. Also, think about it… If we’re following a client for hours on end, especially if we’re stationary, we can’t just pop off to the bathroom. If we need to go, there’s not a lot of options.


But in the end, whatever it takes for our private investigators to get the client what they needs, they will do it. Professionalism, thoroughness and results come with years of experience, like the private investigators at Elite Investigations. Give us a call on 1300 721 715 or email