Is My Husband A Serial Cheat?

Are you asking yourself the question, “Is my husband a serial cheat?”

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post where we’ll take a look at the signs your husband is a serial cheat. (And that he’s likely to continue to do the dirty on you.)

Affairs are usually somewhat understandable. People who find each other attractive spend a lot of time together and it eventually leads to something more.

Serial cheating is different. It means there are some underlying causes of this type of behaviour.

It’s the constant and systematic search for physical pleasure with new partners. As a result, we can ‘profile’ those husbands most likely to engage in these activities.

Let’s take a look…


Disclaimer: Even if your partner displays these signs it doesn’t necessarily mean they are a serial cheat. And vice versa, just because they don’t, it doesn’t equate to them being monogamous either. Nothing is 100% for a particular individual but these are reliable indicators for the majority of people.

This information is for general educational purposes only. For help with your situation, please contact us —the first call is free, and we may just be able to put your mind at rest!


#1 – Risk-Taking

The first thing to take into account is a man’s profile. Do they take risks naturally in their day to day life? Think of people in positions of ‘power’ who are used to winning. Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods and so on. Your man doesn’t have to be in a ‘power position’ – he just needs to enjoy the risk-taking.


#2 – Lack of Empathy

If your husband is ‘all about him’ and he doesn’t seem to care about your hopes, dreams or fears, then he has a lack of empathy. It’s a horrible place to be, and once you realise this is your relationship, the chances of him cheating are high.


#3 – Staying Friends with Exes

Staying friends with exes is a big no-no in most people’s eyes. But if your man seems to be spending ‘friend’ time with his, then there’s much more chance of a physical encounter happening behind your back. Even if this doesn’t happen, he’s certainly not considering how it makes you feel (lack of empathy) and highlights the possibility of serial cheating.


#4 – Lack of Accountability

If a man can’t take responsibility for his actions and instead blames his wife for the reasons behind why things aren’t working out in his life, then there’s cause for concern. It can also manifest as the husband blaming his wife as the reason he’s cheated in the first place. Look, I get it, it takes two people to make a marriage, but just because your relationship was a little rocky, it doesn’t give him a reason to cheat and blame you.


#5 – Prior Convictions

I don’t necessarily believe in all cases that ‘once a cheater always a cheater.’ But there’s a reason the police pull up the list of known offenders whenever a crime is committed in an area. And that reason is simple; people who have prior convictions are more likely to be repeat offenders.

Incidentally, this is also true for family history. If your man’s father has a history of affairs, then it’s more likely that your man will too. Scary eh?


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