I Have A Gut Feeling My Partner Is Cheating

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One of the most common things we hear from new clients is “I have a gut feeling my partner is cheating.”

Usually, they can’t quite put their finger on the exact reason why. They simply have a strong suspicion that something is going on.

Intuition is a powerful ally.

Obviously, it’s nothing concrete but even when we discover a person isn’t actually cheating, there’s always a reason for their changed behaviour.

In this post, I’ll highlight some of the reasons your gut feeling might be kicking in…


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#1 Change In “Closeness”

In every relationship, there’s a high level of intimacy between the two partners.

Significantly, it’s about sharing thoughts and feelings about the little things that happen in your lives. There’s no fear of reproach because there’s the expectation that unconditional love exists between you.

When someone cheats, there’s a natural tendency to close off some part of that intimacy. It’s because they feel guilty and are having to hide part of their lives. To the partner being cheated on, it feels like the relationship is weakening and that you’re not as close as you used to be.


#2 Outward Changes

No cheat ever wants to get caught. They do this by covering their tracks with the utmost attention to detail. But there are always changes in their behaviour.

They may feel excited about the other person finding them attractive. As a result, they’ll have a spring in their step and may take more care than usual about their appearance.

One of the biggest clues is when you see them doing something new.

For example, they may use a phrase you’ve never heard before. They may listen to a new style of music they previously showed no interest in. They may eat different food, or have a new alcoholic drink.

It’s lots of these little things which can add up to an overall change they’re not even aware of. While each individual change is small and possibly insignificant, the fact there are so many will be a strong indicator to you, that something is wrong.


#3 Adjustments Of Time

As much as we all like to think we’re special and unique, we humans are creatures of habit and routine. We generally go about our daily lives in much the same way as we’ve always done.

So, if your partner is doing new things — starting a gym routine, going out for drinks with work colleagues — on a regular basis, then there’s a reason why the change has taken place. And you’re probably not going to like it.


#4 Lots Of Adding Up

Most cheats aren’t caught out by their partner discovering them in bed with their fling. But all cheats have to lie about little things because they can’t tell you where they’ve really been. Nor what they’ve really been up to. Nor how they feel about something.

So, simply total up the small things.

Have they lied about something small and seemingly unimportant? Have they changed some behaviours? Do you feel like there’s less intimacy between you?

If so, there will definitely be something going on in their lives which you’re not privy to. And your intuitive gut feeling is there as a warning sign.


What to do next?

Sometimes there can be other reasons for all of these things. They may be trying to protect you from something. They may have made a mistake they’re ashamed to tell even you about.

The best way to proceed is to hire a professional private investigator to find out the truth.


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