Fully Nested — 4 Signs Of A Happily-Married Man

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post.

Two weeks ago, I published an article on 4 body language signs of a happy relationship.

I got several reader requests for more posts with a similar theme. They were from people who were unsure if their marriage was going great, or if there were problems. So, over the next few posts, I will cover some of those signs which show someone is living in wedded bliss. As most of the requests were from female readers, I’ll start with signs of a happily-married man.

Disclaimer: Please take this as general advice. For help with an individual situation, please contact us or use the live chat feature on this page.

#1 The Daily Confidential

Telling each other about your day is how you both catch up on each other’s lives after being apart for a while — even when the time apart is short. It seems like a small point, but if he takes an interest in what you’ve been up to, and feels the need to share what’s been doing, then things are looking good. You should both be confiding in each other too — this is how you can strengthen non-physical intimacy.

#2 The Decision Maker’s Pedestal

When he makes small decisions that affect you both, then he should put you first. He shouldn’t feel the need to consult you on every decision, but guys happy in their marriage will tell their wife of all decisions made without their presence. If he makes decisions, especially larger ones, without speaking with you first, then you should explore the reason why.

#3 Mr. Bad Boy?

This might sound childish but if he plays up when you’re around, then he’s not respecting you. In a healthy and happy marriage, both partners should understand that each other’s behaviour impacts on their spouse. I’m not saying you should exclude fun — you should have as much fun together as possible. I’m talking about him doing what you would consider as ‘bad behaviour.’

#4 Life Value

People spend their time however they choose. If he spends his time with you, then he must want to do so. I can predict the strength of a relationship based on the amount of time the couple spend together. If you have concerns for your marriage, but it hasn’t yet got to the point of no return, you should look to include more shared activities in your life.


If your man is spending time with you, confides in you and shares what he’s been up to, then the likelihood is that your in a happy marriage.

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