Perks of the Job? 4 Tell-Tale Signs She’s Cheating At Work

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post. With all the talk this week about Barnaby Joyce and his relationship with a member of his staff, I thought I’d focus on something we’re regularly asked to investigate.

Cheating in the workplace. This week specifically, we’ll look at — is she cheating with a coworker?

There can be many clues which can signal what’s going on, but these four signs that she’s cheating with someone from work have featured in nearly all the cases on which I’ve worked.

Disclaimer: If you think your partner is cheating, and you want help with your situation, please contact us or use the live chat feature on this page. It’s best to find out for sure from a professional investigator, where we can eliminate emotion from the situation. That way you can make sensible decisions on how to best move forward, with legal advice where appropriate — this is especially important if you’re a father.

#1 Work long hours

Has your girl suddenly started working more extended hours for no clear reason? It might be that she’s turning into work early, or spending time socialising after work? Time is the most significant problem cheats face — and work is a convenient cover. Spending more time “at work” enables the affair to flourish.

#2 Business travel

Like working long hours, business travel provides yet more cover for a cheat. Even worse, it can be the catalyst needed for an affair to start in the first place because there’s a significant amount of time available. Once the cheating has begun, they won’t need nearly as much time to keep it going.

#3 Work clothes

Women who feel sexy and admired take time to ensure they look a million dollars. Is she perfecting her look every morning, wearing fancy lingerie and using her best perfume? If you see her putting the same amount of effort when dressing for work as she would when going out on a Friday night, then you should be suspicious.

#4 Confidential informant

When two people are in a relationship, the day-to-day talk they experience is vital for the strength of the relationship. Generally, the more the confidential nature of the chit-chat, the stronger the relationship. Women always have people they talk to in this manner, so if it’s no longer you, then who is it?


Means, Motive, Opportunity. The mantra of the legal system is just as applicable to affairs in the workplace. Travel and long hours at work are the simplest way for your girl to get the time needed for the “means” and “opportunity” of an adulterous relationship.

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