Stalker Alert: How To Deep Background Check Someone Online

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post, which is all about how to perform an in-depth check into someone’s background, on Facebook, using free online tools.

Disclaimer: As always, nothing is 100% and even more so online. People can go to extraordinary lengths to conceal their true identities and create fake pages, profiles and information about themselves.

#1 – People Search Tips (Facebook)

Back in 2013, Facebook created something called graph search, which allowed Facebook users to do structured data searches from within the search query box. You could type things like:

  • People who live in X and work for Y
  • People named X who checked in at Y
  • Friends who like X and live in Y

And so on.

Just a couple of years later, Facebook changed to a keyword-based search system. This means while you can type in the same queries, the way the results are fetched is different. It’s now similar to the way Google operates.


Facebook didn’t really re-design the way it handles data. This means that if you know the URL structure for a particular graph search query, you can look up all sorts of stuff about people.

Go to for 5 categories of search tips and URLs that will uncover a world of information freely and publicly available to anyone in the know.

#2 – Search Is Back (

This is an online tool which allows you to do even more graph search queries from a simple user interface.

Find people who work for (or previously worked for) specific companies, went to certain schools or universities and a whole plethora of data combinations.

Once you’ve found the person you’re looking for, use the tabs across the top to dig into current and previous events, photos and posts associated with them. Whether they created the content, liked it, commented on it or shared it.

Scary stuff – but you’ll get great insights into that person’s life.

#3 – Stalkscan (

OK, this is free tool but seriously digs into someone’s Facebook profile. It shows all publicly available information on the person you’re investigating.

You can see which bars they’ve checked into, who their classmates are/were, and could literally spend hours pouring over someone’s life.

This is as good as a heap of commercially available Facebook search tools.

There’s our 3 top ways of checking a person’s background on Facebook. If you’re unsure about your new date, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Use the live chat on this page, or call our friendly team – your first call is completely free.

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