5 ‘Big’ Warning Signs You May Be Getting Catfished When Online Dating

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5 ‘Big’ Warning Signs You May Be Getting Catfished When Online Dating

Steve here and today’s post will look at catfishing and online dating. Catfishing is when someone creates a fake online persona for nefarious purposes, and it’s something we’re seeing more and more in our line of work.

If you’re unsure of someone, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask us to do a personal background check. Especially if you’re being asked for money from someone you’ve never met. Scammers who catfish are cruel. They play on people’s emotions and it can leave them feeling devastated emotionally, as well as embarrassed about the scam itself.

OK onward, let’s have a look at the typical signs of catfishing…

#1 – Looking Like A Model
Don’t judge a book by its cover? Yeh right, just look how popular Tinder is. A scammer is going to give him or her self the best possible chances of hooking a fresh target. And that means being good looking and having great pictures. Guess who’s pictures are widely available online? That’s right, a model’s pictures are everywhere.

#2 – Travel Extensively
Most scammers live overseas, especially in Africa with Nigeria being especially popular. Having work that requires them to travel is a great way for scammers to get around the fact they’re always overseas.

#3 – Not Normal Pictures On Their Profile
Have a look at your friends on Facebook. You’ll find that even the most recluse of them have pictures of them with their friends. And MORE importantly, their friends will have normal pictures on their profiles. And their friends will have built up over time. Some of their friends will have known them for a long time too.

But with a catfishing scammer, you’ll find they don’t have the same sort of friends. Their profile will feel strange and slightly ’empty.’ Their friends won’t seem to know them as well.

#4 – Can’t Seem To Video Chat
I have an 82 year old gran and she can FaceTime me on her iPad. There’s simply no excuse in today’s world why someone can’t Skype, FaceTime or Video Chat in some other way.

This is a huge warning sign.

#5 – Get Serious Real Quick
Has someone told you they love you after just 4 weeks of intensive online chat? Are they sure you’re the one, even though you’ve never met?

When this is happening to someone, it feels very real because they’ve been speaking to someone for a significant amount of time. You’ll feel like it was meant to be and that this is the one person who really understands you. Please take a look at the facts and strip your emotions from the situation.

So there you have it, the 5 biggest warning signs of a catfisher. Please, please, please get a personal background check if you’re not 100% sure of someone – whether you’ve met them face to face or not.

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