4 Clever Ways To Catch A Cheat That Investigators Can’t Use

Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post. We’ll take a look at potential ways you can catch a cheating partner that a private investigator simply can’t do.

Warning: I’m not condoning or encouraging you to do any of these and you have to take full responsibility for any of your actions.

#1 – Dropping By Unexpectedly
You’re in a relationship and what could be more natural than to stop and ‘say hi’ when you’re in the area of their work? How would you know to suspect something? Did they seem surprised or angry that you turned up? Well, if their first reaction isn’t one of genuine happiness to see you, there may be something going on. Tip – always make sure you have a good reason to be there in the first place.

#2 – Get Frisky As Soon As They’re Home
Most men won’t feel frisky if they’ve already ‘used up their resources’. Does your man push you away instead? If he does then he may be cheating on you. Note – sometimes people simply ‘aren’t in the mood’ but there’s usually a good reason for this. Does he have one?

#3 – Sleep Spying
Once you’re asleep a cheating spouse is free to text or chat the night away. Pretend you’re asleep more quickly than usual and see if your partner gets up and leaves the bed. If they’re away for some time, what are they doing?

#4 – Keep A Journal
This might sound a little weird but it works wonders. By keeping a journal of what your spouse says and does when he’s with you, you can start to notice patterns in behaviour and excuses which keep recurring. A great free tool you can use is Penzu, which has an App for both Apple and Android too.

You’ll see other websites telling you to snoop on your partner’s phone or computer, to follow them and a myriad of other recommendations that I would strongly advise you against.

You could break the law and if your partner isn’t cheating then you could destroy your relationship. If you have suspicions you can make use of our cheating spouse service and find out the truth without any of these risks.

‘Til next week, Steve.