So you’re thinking of getting divorced…

It’s not a great feeling, the thought of getting a divorce. No-one goes in to a marriage thinking it will end, but sadly, things change, and sometimes your spouse changes, or your situation changes, and so the thought comes. Should I end it? If you’re thinking of getting a divorce from you wife or husband because you think they are doing something to ruin your marriage, it pays to find out for sure. Read on to see the various ways we can help you through this difficult time.

We can help you be sure

Sometimes, your suspicions can creep up on you, and you’re not 100% sure why. You haven’t found any evidence, but you have a very strong suspicion, in fact you’re almost certain. Before you go and use that suspicion as grounds for divorce, you owe it to yourself to be 100% sure. Sometimes your gut can be wrong. Or sometimes you’re interpreting something incorrectly. Maybe it’s not an affair, but a secret new hobby he or she is ashamed of? We’re not making excuses, most of the time your suspicions are right. But if suspicions are all you have, then you’ll always be at risk of doubting yourself.

Our investigation can be used as evidence

If you have clauses in your prenuptial agreement, such as in the event of cheating, the spouse forfeits their half of the house, then having proper evidence is crucial to you getting your share. Even if you don’t, often evidence of cheating, financial carelessness like gambling, or other secrets your spouse is hiding, can be used to help you negotiate a better settlement through the divorce. If you’ve trying to get custody of the kids, evidence of irresponsible behaviour such as binge drinking, drugs and excessive gambling, can help you prove your case against an unfit parent. In the end,a licenced, professional investigator can run an investigation to get the evidence you need to present in court.

We can stop the denial argument

When you break the bad news to your spouse, they will likely deny or minimise their bahaviour to try to change your mind. That’s always a difficult discussion! Having cold, hard evidence to present them helps you get past this stage, gives you a stronger position in the discussion, and just generally helps you prove that you’re serious. It’s hard to deny something when you’re staring at photos and a comprehensive log!


In the end, a private investigator can help you through the painful process of the divorce, and make sure you go in with the best chance of getting what you want. Don’t just leave it at your suspicions. Give us a call today  on 1300 721 715 or email, and prove your suspicions once and for all.