Why Do People Cheat?

Cheating happens every day. It’s a sad fact of life that boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives are unfaithful to their partners every day. By why? What drives people to have affairs and stray from their monogamous relationships? After years of investigating cheating partners, we have a few clues as to what drives people to cheat.

If you suspect your partner of cheating, you will no doubt have asked yourself… why? While investigating cheating partners, we’ve noticed a few patterns in the behaviours of cheaters that have given us an idea of why they cheat. Here are a few motivations we’ve noticed while on the job catching cheating partners in the act. If your partner has made a bad choice, done the wrong thing and broken their promise to be faithful, then some of these points may make sense to you.

Sexual Desire
It’s sad, but it’s true, sometimes people give in to their sexual attractions. Chemistry or sexual attraction to another person can happen to anyone, but sometimes people will choose to act on their urges. If they find someone that they feel a very strong sense of attraction to, they can sometimes decide to act on that desire. This type of cheating is a difficult one to catch, as it’s not spawned from any issues at home. The only way you might get an idea of this kind of cheating is by a slip up such as the cliche’d lipstick on the collar.

Sadly, sometimes the other party isn’t just an innocent and unwitting victim of a lying cheater. Sometime the other person knowingly incites your partner to cheat. As horrible as it is, sometimes a person will feel attracted to your partner and, despite knowing that they are taken, will drop hints, make suggestions and manipulate situations to build up the chemistry and lead your partner to cheat. This in no way absolves your man or woman of their part in it. It definitely takes two to tango, but sometimes, they’re nudged in the wrong direction by someone who has their eye on your spouse! You may have an idea of who this person is; you may have noticed them flirting with your partner or contacting them more than normal.

Issues at Home
While never an excuse, sometimes the reason your spouse or partner chooses to cheat isn’t in pursuit of something, but an escape from something. If you’ve been having problems at home, such as arguing a lot, not getting along, feeling neglected or unable to click, these could be drivers of a cheating partner. Sometimes, if the spark is gone, or things are a bit tough, some people will choose to cheat rather than to work on the relationship. You’ll probably notice your partner withdraw a lot, avoid coming home and make excuses to not talk about things. They might be prone to rushing off after a fight and not returning for hours.

If this article resonated with your experiences at home, or if your gut is telling you something is wrong, then you need to know once and for all if your partner has been unfaithful. If you have suspicions about your partner cheating, you shouldn’t just sit around wondering. Knowing the truth can help you if you want to confront the cheater, decide to leave, or even just make sense of what’s been happening. Our detectives have helped countless men and women find out the truth about their spouse or partner. Give us a call on 1300 721 715 or email to see what your option are to investigate your partner’s odd behaviour.