What does a private investigator even do?

If you’ve ever thought of hiring a private investigator, or even becoming a private investigator yourself, you’ve probably wondered what it is we do all day. Well, you’re in luck, because today we’re sharing all our secrets! Well, not all of them… Then we’d have to kill you!

A private detective’s job is so varied, there’s no such thing as a typical day in the life of a Sydney/Melbourne private investigator, but here are a few areas you might never have known were all part of the job description

This is the most obvious and well known aspect of a private eye’s job, but even basic surveillance is something people picture incorrectly. While you might imagine a bond-esque chase and fancy equipment, it’s usually more sit for hours on end to get a few minutes of fottage from a great distance.

A very large part of a private investigator’s job is paperwork. Writing up reports, filing and sorting digital files, re-applying for and renewing licences and permits, and a whole lot of other admin and red tape.

A lot of what a private investigator Sydney/Melbourne does is internet bound. A lot of missing persons investigations start online, and background checks, fraud investigation and other corporate cases often involve hours of online research. So it ends up a lot like a typical desk job. Also, a lot of basic surveillance investigations involve a level of online research beforehand. It’s important to know as much about the subject so that you can run a more effective investigation and have more knowledge to inform your educated guesses as to where they would be and what they would be doing. All crucial to catching people in the act.

Legal Red Tape
A private investigator Sydney/Melbourne has to adhere to both federal and state laws, including the privacy act, the surveillance act, and many other dry bits of legislation that you wouldn’t want to read even if you were on the toilet with nothing to read! However there’s a very fine line between private investigation and stalking or invasion of privacy, so we need to be fully up to speed on what current laws allow for private detective work.

Let us help you!
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