Untrustworthy employees and how they could devastate your business

Are you looking to hire someone new into your business? It’s never nice to think about what could go wrong when you hire someone new, but it’s something that could save you big time in the long run. Our private detectives have seen many cases in which a business has faced the consequences of a bad employee, and many others that have saved themselves from hiring a bad egg with just a slightly more thorough hiring process. If you’re still stuck in the rose coloured glasses of hiring someone new, we recommend reading on to see just how you might be putting yourself and your business at risk.

The employee could be unqualified

If it can happen to MYER, it can happen to you! If you recall the recent scandal where MYER hired a high up executive with just a few reference phone calls, and then it turned out his resume was a complete lie! If you’re interviewing a liar who has a false qualification or some false or highly exaggerated work experience, there’s no way to find out as part of the hiring process. If you hire someone unqualified for the job, you could end up with them making a mess of the company! Unless, of course, you get a licensed private detective to run a background check on the person. In the case of high up hires, we recommend a small investigation into their study and job history.

The employee could be a thief

Their history may be correct, and they could scrape together a few good references, but sometimes people have a history of scamming, robbing and defrauding businesses. If they settle out of court (which they often do) it can be quite hard to find this out. The consequences? Well, you can only imagine! Millions have been lost to untrustworthy employees stealing from the business. With a sample background check, a private investigator can look for any red flags, dismissals or police records.

The employee could be an insurance fraud risk 

Employees injured at work deserve compensation. But sometimes there are employees that seem to have the worst luck. Maybe too much bad luck… Our investigators have looked into countless cases of workers compensation fraud, and these fraudsters can be serial offenders! It’s often not caught as each employer doesn’t realise that this has happened before. It takes an investigation to discover the pattern. You don’t want to be paying hundreds for a fraudulent worker’s compensation claim, but you also don’t want to suspect every employee that gets injured. A good background check could save you, either way!

Do you really want to invite a stranger into your business and give them access to your accounts, systems or registers? In the end, you want to make sure you’ve hired a trustworthy employee ready to do a good job and take care of your business. Do you trust every resume and reference? Don’t leave the control of information in their hands. Don’t hire a bad employee . Give a Sydney/Melbourne private investigator a call on 1300 721 715 or email We can help you with your due diligence and ensure you hire the right person.