Easy-To-Miss Signs Of “Cheater’s Guilt” — Displayed After They Have An Affair

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post. Today I’m going to go through four easy to miss signs of cheater’s guilt.

What’s cheater’s guilt? Simple. It’s the guilt that every cheat feels when they return to their partner. After they’ve just done the dirty on you.

There are lots of signs of a person’s guilt, but the four below are by far the most common. They’re also the ones that are easiest to miss in a cheating partner.

Disclaimer: This is not individual advice. This information is for general educational and entertainment purposes. For help with an individual situation, please contact us or use the live chat feature on this page. Your first call is free, and we may be able to put your mind at rest on that first call.

#1 No Showers Forecast

It’s not your birthday. It’s not your anniversary. But here he is with presents, chocolates and flowers. All of a sudden, for no apparent reason, he’s showering you with gifts. This is the classic, “buys you flowers because he’s feeling guilty.”

What makes this sign of guilt so easy to miss, is that it feels wonderful at the time. After all, it’s not every day that he treats you, is it?

#2 The YoYo

Constantly remembering all of the details for their duplicitous ways is a highly stressful state of affairs. Has he told you, or did he tell her? What’s the next thing he has to talk about with either of you? What’s the next part of his plan?

All this thinking taxes the brain, and it can make a cheat highly prone to mood swings. He feels guilty around you. Now he can’t look you in the eye and doesn’t want to talk about his day. His behaviour is different. But if you catch him in a different moment, talking about something he feels comfortable with, he’s full of fervour and enthusiasm.

He’s up and down like a YoYo. It’s an easy to miss sign of guilt, as the logical way to deal with this,  is to think there’s something upsetting him. And to try and work through whatever that something is.

#3 Pass The Parcel

Along with their up and down moods, you might notice that your partner seems to overreact to things you say or do. They get upset, and blame you for making them feel sad. The truth is they’re feeling bad about themselves, because of what they’ve done. And they’re trying to put the blame on you. To pass the parcel of guilt that’s weighing them down.

This is an easy to miss sign of guilt in a cheat, because you feel like you’ve done something wrong. And really you haven’t.

#4 Love MIA

In not-too-distant times gone by, the first words you heard every morning were, “I love you.” Now, you can’t remember the last time he said them to you. It’s hard to express your love for someone when you’re cheating on them.

So, if love has gone missing in action (MIA) from his words, then you should be on high alert!

This is an easy to miss sign as it dwindles over time.


If you’ve got a feeling that something is wrong, pay attention to these four areas. Some, or even all four, are present in most cases of cheater’s guilt. They’re always so easy to see in hindsight, which is what makes them so simple to miss in the first place.

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