So, Is He Really Mr Right? 4 Signs You Have An Awesome Husband

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post. Today’s post is something a little different. Let me explain…

As investigators, we get hired to look for signs of a cheating husband within the relationship. The problem we face, is that we could easily identify individual signs of cheating for almost every man on the planet. Isolated body language signs, verbal clues and so on.

This means we can’t just look for cheating signs. It’s important we take a more balanced approach. Instead, we observe behaviour, and then assess that behaviour as positive or negative to whatever question is being asked. In cheating cases, the questions we pose are things like; “Is this the behaviour of a cheat?” “Is this husband in love with his wife?” “Are they hiding anything from their wife?” and so on.

Here are the 4 biggest signs that you have an awesome husband, and your marriage is blessed.

Disclaimer: This information is for general educational purposes only. For help with an individual situation, please contact us or use the live chat feature on this page.

#1 Lots Of “Couple Ups”

Forget about work and other commitments. Do you both spend time together, actually doing things together. In other words, do you “couple up” and do things as a couple, that you could be doing on your own. Exercising together for example? The more “couple ups” you have, the better your relationship is.

#2 Kookaburra Time

When you and your husband spend time together, what emotional state is most prevalent? Do you spend time laughing with each other? Do you have fun learning new things about and from each other? Are you enjoying the time you spend together?

#3 The Cloak Of Protection

Let’s face facts, many guys simply aren’t emotional and romantic souls. We’re just wired a bit differently to the ladies. Your husband might show you that he cares about you by worrying about you. Simple things like checking your car levels and pressures. If he’s trying to add a layer of protection over you, it means he holds you in high value.

#4 Rock Solid Foundations

Another thing guys are notorious for, is trying to fix a problem for their wife. But a great husband will support and help you talk things through when you stumble in life. He’ll have the magic ability that helps bring you back to being you.


If you spend time together, and that time is largely filled with happiness, care and fun, then you truly have something special.

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