Sex – It’s not the only type of cheating

If you’re married or in a long term relationship, it may have crossed your mind the concern that your partner is having an affair. You imagine them sleeping with another and it makes your blood boil. But sex isn’t the only way someone can cheat on their spouse or partner. If you suspect that your partner isn’t faithful, it may not be that they are sharing a bed with someone, but they may be involved in what’s called emotional cheating.

Emotional cheating is when your partner isn’t physically intimate with someone else, but instead is emotionally intimate. This can manifest in a number of ways.

Your partner could be cheating on you with an emotional romance. This is the kind of cheating where, while they may not do anything physically, they have romantic feelings for someone else. An emotional affair could see them fall in love with someone else. This would usually end up with them losing the romance with you, as they invest their romantic emotions with the other person. This is just as hurtful as a physical affair, as it means they are no longer faithful in their heart.

Another way they could emotionally cheat is through an emotional romance. They could be emotionally cheating in that they have a relationship with someone else where they share their deepest feelings and lean on that person, rather than you. This is where they get emotional intimate and really close with a friend, sharing personal things that were previously kept between just the two of you. They could end up investing more into another relationship than with yours. While this isn’t romantic, it’s still a betrayal as they are no longer emotionally invested in your relationship.

If you suspect that your partner’s heart is wandering, and that they are jeopardising your relationship with having an emotional affair with someone else, it can be very hard to prove. They will obviously deny it, and unless you have proof, you’re just going to drive them further away. However, our private investigators have a lot of experience in dealing with all sorts of cheating and affairs. We know there’s more to catching a cheating partner than just a photo of them in bed together.  We can run an investigation that will capture evidence of their inappropriate relationship, whether that’s online, through audio or visual surveillance, or any other number of tricks up our sleeves.

Isn’t it better to know for sure, rather than let the suspicion eat you alive? Give us a call today to see what we can do to help you get the proof you need or the piece of mind you deserve. Always discreet and professional, our Sydney/Melbourne private investigators can help you. Have a chat with us on 1300 721 715 or email