Lying About Cheating — 7 Phrases Cheating Men Often Say

When men have affairs they have to lie to their wife or girlfriend. And it’s this lying about cheating that gives rise to gut instinct kicking in and letting you know something is wrong. It’s also one of the easiest ways to confirm your suspicions before hiring a private investigator to find out for sure.

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post where we’re going to explore seven of the most common things we hear men say when they’re cheating on their woman.

Disclaimer: This information is for general educational purposes only and may not apply to all situations — everyone is unique after all. For help with an individual situation, please contact us —the first call is free, and we may just be able to put your mind at rest!


#1 — New Lingo

He may start an ‘Interest Affair.’ An ‘interest affair’ is when someone really gets into a new hobby, or subject, to the detriment of their relationship or other parts of their life.

Every subject, group or hobby has a set of unique words and phrases associated with it. So, you’ll hear him using new words and phrases associated with this new hobby.

If he is doing this, you have to question why he has suddenly found this new thing so fascinating? Is it because he’s been steered onto the topic by someone they have feelings for?

Forget about an ‘interest affair’ for a moment.

We all have ways of saying things and hardly ever deviate from the expressions we use. When we have feelings for someone, we often mimic them in some way.

So, if he’s into someone, he is much more likely to use new words and phrases that this person uses. It can be just a single word you’ve never heard them use before.


#2 — Her Name

Everyone knows the cliche of calling your wife by the name of the woman you’re having an affair with. So obvious, right?

But also, talking about a woman by name in a new context should give rise to suspicion. Many men will tell innocent tales concerning the woman he’s having an affair with.

It’s a way of dealing with guilt. It’s kind of like not telling a lie but not telling the whole truth either. Lying by omission.


#3 — Answering Questions With A Question

You say, ‘Did you go to XXX?’ and he says ‘Why would I do that?’.

Liars always avoid trying to tell lies.

They also want to see how much you know before they have to reply.

If this is just a one-off thing, it’s not necessarily something to be concerned with. If it happens repeatedly, your man is hiding something from you.


#4 — Accusations

The classic fight fire with fire.

This happens so often it’s scary.

Your man will accuse you of doing exactly what he’s up to – having an affair.


#5 — I Do Not Remember That

This one is a little more subtle.

To use the words “do not” in place of “don’t” is a sure sign of deception.

Liars do this to try and impress upon you that they really really don’t remember something.

Note: This is the same as “haven’t” and “have not”, “didn’t” and “did not” and “wouldn’t” and “would not”. They’re called contractions.


#6 — It’s Not What It Looks Like

Yes, it is.

If you hear these words then you should be keenly suspicious.

It’s usually exactly what it looks like it is. And the worse part is that your man knows what it looks like and hasn’t explained it to you before you found something out.


#7 — She’s Just A Friend

She isn’t.

Many emotional affairs start this way and why would your man even be making a new female friend, behind your back.



If you have suspicions about your man, you may wish to take advantage of our cheating spouse investigations service, where we can quickly find out for sure if your partner is cheating. If he isn’t, then there’s no harm done and he’s none the wiser. If he is, then you find out from us and can make sensible decisions on how to deal with it without emotional conflict.

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