Is She “Affair-Ready?” — 4 Verbal Clues Your Wife Is Primed To Cheat

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post, where we’ll be looking at the verbal clues your wife may give out if she’s “affair-ready.”

If you think about how affairs start (most people don’t until it’s too late,) then you’ll realise the partner who is about to cheat must be mentally prepared to have an affair. And people who are in this “affair-ready” state must be unhappy with their existing relationship.

Thus, a wife who is prepared to commit adultery must be searching for something that’s missing in her marriage. Most wives will attempt first to restore the missing ‘part’ of their marriage before they look elsewhere. When they do so, they often give out verbal clues.

You could say these are the last warning signs your wife will give you that she feels something is wrong with your relationship.

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#1 Unhappy Deafness

Unhappy Deafness is when your wife is trying to tell you she’s unhappy with the direction of some, or all of your relationship and you don’t understand the meaning behind her words. Women can often be speaking in code for men, so here are some translations: she’s suggesting you do new things — that means she’s bored. She’s suggesting you take time and do something together — that means she wants to spend more time with you. She’s suggesting you take some time out on holiday together — that means she wants an escape from her daily routine. Think of ways you can put some fun, excitement, entertainment and intimacy back into your marriage.

#2 Chit-Chit Omission

When people are in love, they talk about everything. The idle chit-chat of what’s happened during the day. The fun and intimate whispers of lovers. The cheeky humour, and sense of entertainment. The uplifting words when you’re feeling down. When your wife isn’t taking part in these types of conversations with you, there is something wrong, and you need to fix it.

#3 The Man of the Hour

If you hear his name one more time, you’re going to rip off your ears. Who? The guy that your wife just can’t seem to shut up about It sounds like he’s the only one at work she speaks to and he’s got an opinion on everything. Oh, and she agrees with everything he says.

#4 Negative Positive.

If your wife’s conversation has been all doom and gloom for the last few months, but now she has a positive outlook on everything, it’s a big warning sign. She may have started speaking with someone else. Or someone paid her a big compliment. Or made her feel a lot better. Big problem and you need to pay her a lot more attention.


Look to keep your marriage alive by making more effort. If you spot these verbal clues in your relationship, there could be something significantly wrong, but it’s not too late.

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