Inspector Poirot Vs An Elite Investigations Private Investigator

Agatha Christie’s inimitable detective inspector Hercule Poirot is a legendary character. Using singular logic, polishing his patent leather shoes and sporting a spiffingly handsome moustache, he’s solved many a tricky mystery. Then in the other corner we have the ultra modern, professional private investigators here at Elite Investigations. Quick, discreet and professional, they’ve got the high tech gear and technical know how. A tidy suit, slick hair and a sever coffee addiction, they’re modern men who blend into their surroundings and get equally consistent results in their investigations. Let the battle begin!

Variety of cases
Throughout the Agatha Christies detective stories, Poirot manages to solve a great number of cases. Murders, blackmailers, disappearances, robberies and many more. He even manages to solve a case in the space of a train trip! However, Poirot is generally limited to crimes. He catches bad guys, mostly. Elite Investigators have not only solved missing persons cases and contributed testimony to help solve cases, but have also exposed crooked workers and insurance fraudsters, found cheating partners, and even discovered issues such as drug, drinking and gambling habits to help their families intervene in these self destructive behaviours. I think the variety point goes to the Elite team, but it’s a photo finish!

Moustache size
Sorry boys, Poirot wins this round. End of story.
(And yes, Steve, that’s even including your horrible moustache phase!)

Track record
The mark of a good investigator is whether they get results. Results sometimes means catching the bad guy. Sometimes they mean proving someone is lying. And sometimes it just means proving that nothing was going on in the first place! Both Poirot and our Elite Investigators have been able to prove, time and time again, that if you call on them to solve your dilemma, you will get results. Not always the results you were expecting, but with their smarts, hard work and commitment, what you get will be the truth. Poirot always says his ‘little grey cells’ will get to the truth. Here at Elite Investigations we use little grey cameras as well, but in terms of trust, I think here it’s a dead tie!

While you can meet our dear friend inspector Poirot anytime you like by picking up an Agatha Christie novel, our charming detective technically lives in Belgium. It would be quite a feat to get him to travel to Sydney/Melbourne for a case. Elite Investigations, being based in Sydney/Melbourne, are probably a little bit closer to home. You can rest assured that they can be on the case in no time. Unless you live in Europe, the Elite Investigations detective wins this round.

Equipment and method
Poirot is a fan of using logic, reasoning and understanding of character to arrive at his conclusions. He likes to go through the case with ‘order and method’ and doesn’t like to look for evidence or physical clues. He’s been known to even completely ignore physical evidence! He says that “It is the brain, the little gray cells on which one must rely. One must seek the truth within–not without.” Although he is always right in the end, it seems a big risk to try to find the truth using only your brain as your equipment. An Elite private investigator, on the other hand, uses ‘order and method’ along with, you know, actual proof! Photo and video from surveillance, background checks, digital footprints, official records and more are obtained with the highest tech equipment. As nice it is to think you can ‘think’ your way to a resolution, this one goes to the Elite Investigator.

And the winner is…
In the end, it looks like our famed detective is fantastic in fiction, but with a 3 – 1 split of wins, the detectives at Elite Investigations are the clear winners here. Poirot will give you a great show, but if you want proper results with the evidence to back them up, you’re better off with our slightly caffeine addicted and moustache-free friends at Elite Investigations.

The detectives here at Elite Investigations are ready to get on the case. The commitment to finding the truth, and providing you with evidence you can use, is our promise to you. If you need a detective like Poirot to help you, but want to hire a private investigator in Melbourne instead of an Agatha Christie novel, give us a call on 1300 721 715 or email