How the New Welfare Laws Will Affect Employers

The new welfare reforms announced yesterday will affect not only jobseekers, but the employers who will now face a rise in applications to advertised jobs. The Work for the Dole scheme plans to 150,000 jobseekers working for the dole in coming years.

An investigation conducted into the state of welfare found that many jobseekers were purposely missing their job interviews, because they didn’t want the kind of jobs that were on offer. The welfare fraud investigation found that many dole recipients found it easier to simply live off it; currently, welfare payments are between $400 and $550 per fortnight, depending on a person’s circumstances. In order to reduce welfare fraud, from the start of next year, if a jobseeker misses a scheduled interview, their dole payments will be suspended. The scheme is designed to encourage the unemployed to develop their skill sets and improve their employability.

What Work for the Dole means for Employers

Well, it means that all those interviewees will be actually showing up. And some of them may even want to get the job that you’re offering.

The Work for the Dole scheme also means that people who haven’t even been on the dole but who have lost their jobs will have to be very proactive about finding a new one. They will not having any down time on the dole between jobs.

So, in a nutshell – more applicants and interviews for you!

Hiring the Right Person – A Detective’s Job

One thing that private investigators from Sydney/Melbourne will always tell you is this: the more information you are armed with, the better you can take on any situation.  So when you’re faced with 200 applications, 40 interviews, but only have one job to fill, that can be a stressful situation. Jobseekers think that being on their side of the interview desk is nerve-wracking, but they have no idea the stress employers go through, wondering ‘Are you really who you say you are? Is this the real Joe Blogs or are you just a good liar? Can I actually trust my business to you?’

It’s difficult to know whether to trust your instincts about a person, or to focus entirely on their references and experience, or how to identify the best way among so many options. Yet you know you need the get the right person, because you will be putting the reputation and future of your business in their hands.

But a Private Detective Sydney/Melbourne Can Help

The only safe way to hire new staff is to know about them, but you don’t have the option of spending the time and energy getting to know each individual BEFORE you hire them. You also might not have the skills to assess a person’s honesty, and to notice the signs of a liar. Detectives are experts at doing this, and have invaluable skills to offer.

The Simple Fix – Corporate Background Checks

Call a private investigator Sydney/Melbourne and have them run a background check on your short-listed applicants. It’s fast, it’s easy, and within days you will have reports on the desk in front of you that detail anything an applicant was trying to hide, and will reveal any disparities between how they tried to present themselves to you, and what their history really says about them.

A background check done by a Sydney/Melbourne private detective looks at the whole picture of a person’s history: their education history, family history, rental history, credit history, personal associations and habitual locations and behaviours. If you are working to a deadline, these checks can be narrowed to focus on specific issues, such as if are suspicious an applicant’s story about why exactly they had to spend time in jail, or if you suspect they’re not telling you the full story of why they got fired form their job.

By hiring a private investigator to run background checks, you maintain a safe distance from the applicant under consideration; any Elite Investigations detective will protect your confidentiality, while giving you the answers you need to make the best decisions for your business. When it’s just not possible to find out all the information you need to know before entrusting your business to a stranger, our private detectives from Melbourne are ready to help.

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