Did They Cheat At The Christmas Party?

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post. Today we’re going to look at the Christmas Party affair.

It’s such a cliche.

The bosses want to reward their staff and book some fancy joint. Everyone gets dressed up ready for a big night out. There’s extravagant food and you can drink anything you want, because it’s all on the company.

Before you know it, (as well as some idiot making a fool of themselves) the ‘Collouples’ are getting far more intimate than they would normally.

What’s a ‘Collouple?’ An amalgamation of the words ‘Colleague’ and ‘Couple’. You know instantly what I mean, the guy and girl who get on famously together but ‘nothing’s going on.’ Another way of saying this could be he has a  ‘work wife’.

The question you’re wondering is “did my partner cheat at the Office Christmas Party?

Well, the statistics are staggering:

  • 1 in every 4 people said they hooked up with someone at the office holiday party. ( survey.)
  • 49% of employees say they would “go all the way” with a co-worker at a Christmas party if the opportunity presented itself (Trojan Condoms).
  • 44% of men confessed they have had an affair with somebody they work with at a holiday office Christmas party at least once. (Men’s Health magazine).

So, with the Office Christmas Party being one of the most common times for people to start affairs, let’s see if we can spot some of the probable signs of cheating.

Disclaimer: For legal reasons, please don’t take this as individual advice for your situation. This information is purely my opinion based on my years as an investigator.  For help with an individual situation, please contact us or use the live chat feature on this page.

#1 The “Not-So-Nice To Meet You”

When you meet him at his work, none of his colleagues can look you in the eye. In fact, if anything they seem like they’re embarrassed to see you. The way your partner behaves, and they way he talks about you to his colleagues will be reflected in their behaviour towards you.

If this started just after the Christmas Party then you should be suspicious.

#2 Unreachable

Has he ‘done a Chuck Norris’ and gone ‘Missing In Action’. Don’t tell me his phone died. Or was out of service. Or perhaps he simply ignored you and didn’t return your texts and calls that night.

#3 No Longer A Homing-Pigeon

Most faithful people who get a little drunk and have a good time at the Christmas Party, are all to keen to get home to their loved ones. They seem to have ‘homing-pigeon’ instinct. If your partner stayed out all night (and especially if they were unreachable by phone), it’s more than odds-on that something happened.

#4 Late Night Showers

I’m not talking about the weather. Did they come home and head straight for the shower, when they wouldn’t normally? That’s because they need to get rid of any scent from their duplicitous actions.


If he won’t talk about the night in detail, he was unreachable and you spot these signs, then there’s a genuine case for him to prove nothing happened.

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Until next week,