Acting Strange? 4 Weird Signs Of A Cheating Husband

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post. Silly season is approaching us faster than Usain Bolt with his pants on fire. The heat is turning up, and it’s prime time for the fiery passion of affairs to blossom. So, today we’re going to take a look at four weird signs that could mean hubby is straying.

Disclaimer: My legal team insist I put in a disclaimer on every one of these posts, and this one is no different. The information provided is general information only. Whether a particular man displays these signs doesn’t mean he necessarily is or isn’t cheating. For help with an individual situation, please contact us or use the live chat feature on this page.

#1 Gigantic Romantic

If a man has suddenly become the world’s biggest sweetheart, showering you with gifts galore, then it’s right to ask why the sudden change of heart? Whether it’s more sex, flowers or chocolates, it might sound strange, but this can be a big sign of cheating partner.

#2 Manscaping Buffness

Is your other half spending more time in front of the mirror and then a few hours down the gym pumping iron each day? Well, it might not be just iron that he’s pumping. When your guy is paying more attention to his looks than yours, it’s time to figure out that it could be for someone else. Your suspicions should be aroused.

#3 Let’s Go Crazy

Remember that time when you first started dating, and everything you did was new and exciting? Well, if he’s suddenly started regenerating these feelings, with outlandish suggestions of new activities and dates for you to go on, it could be that he’s gone a little crazy. Or, it can also signal he’s trying new things – and I don’t just mean the dates.

#4 Press The Self Destruct Button

Woah there! Slow down, boy. You’re on the road to ruin. If you feel these words on the tip of your tongue because your man has an unhealthy new habit such as smoking, drinking heavily, gambling or other delightful pursuits, then it could be in an effort the assuage his guilty feelings. What’s he feeling guilty about? Not too hard to guess this one, right?


When husbands make sudden changes to their lives, there’s always something going on in the background. If he hasn’t told you what this is, then you have every right to be concerned. He might not be cheating, but his actions are screaming something is wrong. You need to find out what.

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