5 Signs She’s Cheating

Though men are often thought to be more likely to cheat than women, the fact is that almost as many women cheat as men. Statistics from say that men admitted to cheating in a relationship 57% percent of the time, while women admitted to cheating 54%. So when it comes to who’s more likely to be a cheater, the numbers are very close. There are many signs that your wife or girlfriend might be having an affair, so before you call in a private investigator to verify, here are some helpful tips to assess your situation. Where multiple signs occur, you should be the most worried.

1. Acting Strangely

Any kind of change in behaviour signals that something is up. It might not be that she’s having an affair, but there will be some reason, and it’s worth finding out for the sake of your relationship.

Perhaps she’s started getting up early to go for a run, and she wants it to be ‘her time’, so you’re not invited. This could be honest, however if you’re worried, don’t let her catch you following her.

If she’s usually nonchalant about leaving her phone around, and now she never leaves it where you could check it, that’s a telling sign. If she doesn’t normally delete her text messages or her call logs, and now they’re always empty, you should be worried.

If you know she’s got free time during the day when you’re at work, you might worry yourself sick. A private investigator can put your mind at ease by checking up on where she’s going, and whether or not she’s lying about her activities. They can also compile evidence of adultery or an affair.

2. Changes at Work

Work changes herald big life changes that might prompt your wife or girlfriend to rethink your relationship.

If she’s just been promoted at work, she could start focusing elsewhere, like whether she’s satisfied with her relationship. If she’s not happy with how your relationship is going, she might drag you to marriage counseling. Or she might look for better options elsewhere.

If she’s suddenly spending more time at work, and is mentioning a new co-worker a lot, then you should be worried. According to, 36% of women admit to cheating with a colleague or co-worker. The same percentage of women admit to cheating while on a work trip. If things aren’t going fantastically between the two of you, a new person who spends a lot of time with her, compliments her and finds her attractive will be a huge temptation to any woman. Co-workers have an excuse to spend time with each other, and this explains the high likelihood of anyone cheating with a colleague. Knowing what is happening in her workplace is very difficult; professional surveillance is one of the few discreet options for finding out.

3. She Flirts with Other Guys

If she doesn’t usually flirt with other men, but all of a sudden starts checking them out when you’re around, you should wonder why.

This could be a sign that she’s thinking about infidelity or has committed infidelity. However, it’s just as plausible that she’s trying to let you know that you’re not paying her enough attention. She might want to remind you that other men find her attractive too, so you’d better not get lazy. Remind her why she’s with YOU, and that she’s special to you.

She might also be shopping for other guys because she’s not sure whether you’re in the relationship for the same reasons. If she’s looking towards the future, and you’re not willing to talk about marriage or children, none-the-less commit to either, then she might be looking for a guy who is.

4. Not Enough Sex

Believe it or not, men aren’t the only ones who wish they got more sex. If your girl isn’t satisfied with what she’s getting in the bedroom, she might consider having an affair.

On the other hand, if you’ve always had plenty of sex, and suddenly she’s not interested, you should definitely worry. People don’t suddenly stop wanting sex, unless there’s a serious medical condition or emotional worries. If you can rule those out of the equation, chances are she’s getting her sex elsewhere.

5. Cheaters Cheat

You know that old saying about leopards changing their spots, and you know there’s truth in it. If you know your girlfriend or wife has been a cheater in the past, she’s a lot more likely to do it again than someone who hasn’t cheated before. Committing adultery is hardest the first time, but it gets easier with practice. If you know she has a history of cheating, then you definitely want to keep an eye on the signs, and on any changes in her behaviour or activities.

It’s one thing a private investigator will tell you – once a cheater, likely to cheat again. It’s one huge relationship red flag that shouldn’t be ignored. If you’re seeing any or several of these signs, and you want to be sure, talk to a private investigator and find out the truth. This will give you the upper hand when you have to decide what to do if she’s cheating.


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