4 “Easily-Missed” Signs Of A Cheating Wife

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post, where we’ll discuss some easily-missed signs of a cheating wife.

I’m often asked by friends, whether men or women cheat the most? My experience shows me that it’s about equal — a 50/50 split. However, women usually tend to be better at hiding their affairs, so it can be much harder to spot the signs your wife is cheating on you.

You’ll need to really pay attention to what’s going on in your relationship to spot these 4 “easily-missed” signs of a cheating wife…

Disclaimer: This information is for general educational purposes only and may not apply to all situations — everyone is unique after all. For help with an individual situation, please contact us or use the live chat feature [when available] on this page—the first call is free, and we may just be able to put your mind at rest!

#1 Action Distraction

Most women are born listeners. They’re naturally attentive, and empathetic. If you frequently find that she no longer pays much attention to what you’re doing and saying, then something else is on her mind. You could be telling her about some future plans, and all the while she could be sitting there thinking about how to leave you.

#2 Avoiding “There”

No-one wants to go to places with different partners — especially within a relatively short period of time. The movie cliche is going to the same restaurant two nights in a row with a different man. So, if you suggest going somewhere, and instead of being excited she seems nervous, or she suggests you go somewhere else instead, you have to wonder why?

#3 No Laundry

I’m not being sexist when I say this, but in Australia it’s still usually the woman who does the laundry. So, as a husband you should learn how to use the washing machine, and do the laundry from time to time. No wife would stop her husband washing their clothes without a motive to hide something. A mark on clothes, racy lingerie she didn’t wear for you, the smell of aftershave that isn’t yours. Grab those dirty clothes and get going.

#4 “Top Secret” Chatter Natter

Your wife is your best friend, lover, and partner in life. You should be able to talk about anything — the good, the bad, and the ugly. When a relationship is deteriorating, one of the first things to disappear is this intimate chat — the top secret chatter natter between the two of you. It’s an easy-to-miss sign of a cheating wife compared with a cheating husband, because sometimes when life’s busy, we’re more perfunctory in our conversations with each other, and typically guys aren’t as aware of their need for this type of intimacy — women are much more emotionally astute. If she’s not confiding in you, who is she confiding in?


You need to pay close attention to all areas of your marriage to spot the signs your wife is cheating on you. It’s not just the actions and words she is doing and saying, but also the ones that are missing, the ones that should be in any successful marriage that you need to look for.

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