Why cats are actually private eyes…

Anyone who has a cat knows they are exceedingly clever. Just looking at their fluffy little faces, you know there’s more to them than meets the eye. Here at Elite Investigations we think there’s quite a bit more…!

Cats are stealthy – great for surveillance

If you’ve ever had a cat sneak up on you, you know how quiet and stealth like they can be. A cat is very good at going unnoticed. They can creep and sneak into wherever they want, almost as though invisible. A private eye also has to be able to go by unnoticed. When running surveillance, a Sydney/Melbourne Private Investigator has to be able to investigate the subject without them noticing, otherwise the gig is up. Have you ever been going around doing your own thing and suddenly noticed that the catch had been surveying you the whole time, without you noticing? Yep. That’s what we thought. Master surveillance cat!

Cats are very clever – great for investigations

Cats may just look cute, but they are actually quite clever! Cats seem to always be assessing the situation, watching what’s going on and figuring out the best course of action for them. A cat is rarely surprised (unless there’s a cucumber around!), they’re switched on, thinking about what to do next, and always seem to figure out the best way get to the shoes you hid away on a second shelf in a locked cupboard!  A Private Investigator has to always be problem solving and figuring out the best course of action It’s a matter of figuring out the best course of action in an investigation to achieve the result the client is after. With their feline instincts, cats are perfectly capable of figuring out the problem ahead.

Cats are curious – great for finding out the truth

A private investigator always has to be searching for the truth. It’s curiosity that drives an investigation on. In order to run a top notch surveillance, you need to be curious. This may be a cat’s biggest strength. They are immensely curious. What’s on the table? What’s behind this lamp? Is this plant edible? Always on the search for answers, the surveillance cat gathers intelligence about the situation it’s in and the world around it. Perfect for finding out the truth and getting to the bottom of a case!

Cats are agile – great for getting out of tricky situations

Ever noticed how cats are great at getting out of a tight spot? Whether it’s literally a tight spot, like a small gap between two fence posts, or a tricky situation, like figuring out a way from the couch to the top shelf, cats can always adapt to the situation and come out on top. Adapting to the situation is a key part of being a private investigator. An investigation doesn’t always follow the plan, and like the flexible cat, a private eye need to be able to be adapt to the situation and move the investigation forward.

If you need a cat detective *cough* I mean private detective, our investigators have the purr-fect skills to help you resolve you problem, purr-sonal or professional. To get paw-some, I mean awesome service, give us a call meow on 1300 721 715 or email