What to do when someone owes you money…

Have you got a client, customer or business associate who just won’t pay up? When someone owes you money it can be a very painful experience. Despite all your efforts, sometimes people think they can get away with severely delaying payment, or never paying at all! Here’s what you can do to get paid, and avoid the stress of the situation.

Firstly, it’s good to make sure you’ve covered all bases. Have you called, emailed, and mailed an invoice to them? Sometimes these situations can arrive from a simple communication error, where someone’s phone is broken, or the first invoice got lost in the mail. But if you’re 100% sure they know about the debt, and just refuse to pay up, then it’s time to take it further.

To recover debt from someone who doesn’t want to pay is a painful experience. They may be a customer who’s missing payment plans, a client who keeps missing the invoice payment date and making excuses, or someone who just flat out ignores your requests and appears to have disappeared off the face of the earth!

Luckily, your options aren’t restricted to just fruitlessly nagging your debitor. You can give a professional to manage the whole situation for you. A licenced debt collector can help you recover the money you are owed, and manage the whole situation in a smooth, professional manner. Plus, they give you the greatest chance of recovering your money!

Our debt collecting specialists can help track down clients that seem to have dropped off the face of the earth, retrieve outstanding arrears you thought you’d never see, and make sure that you don’t have to deal with the stress of the situation.

Our team of private detectives include professional debt collectors who specialise in Australian legislation about debt and creditors, so they know how to go about requesting overdue payments, putting pressure on ‘problem clients’ to get them to pay up before they even get into arrears, and negotiate payment plans to achieve a situation or payment schedule that works for both parties.

Plus, as they are also licensed private investigators, our Sydney/Melbourne team can investigate the reasons why they aren’t adhering to the payment terms and use their knowledge to negotiate an outcomes that works for both parties, increasing the chance that you will get paid.

They can also follow through on the debt collecting, keeping track if a payment has been missing, chasing up and following through on the repayment schedule, and investigating further breaches of the payment agreement. Plus, by hiring a debt collector, you have the added security in case the situation turns sour.

If you have money owing to you, don’t just let it go. Speak with one of our discreet detectives to see how we might be able to recover your debts for you. Our private investigators Sydney/Melbourne have the highest degree of experience and skill, and know how to track down the crooks who won’t pay up. You deserve to be paid! Give us a call on 1300 721 715 or email