5 signs you might need a private investigator

Do you have suspicions about something, but can’t know for sure? Maybe your spouse is cheating, your business partner is committing fraud, or your teenager is developing a drug addiction. Here’s a list of signs you might need a professional to help you find out the truth.

They’re hiding behind technology

If the person you suspect is lying to you is extremely secretive with their technology, it’s a sign they could be hiding something from you. If they hide their phone, never let you use their computer or freak out if you go near their iPad, it’s likely they don’t want you to find evidence of their deception. If they’re cheating they might have text messages or emails. If it’s a business partner they may have proof of their fraud. Either way, secretiveness around technology is never a good sign.

Their behaviour had changed radically recently

If someone suddenly starts acting a whole lot different to how they normally do, and there doesn’t seem to be any reason for it, this could be an indication that they are keeping something from you. Changes in behaviour are quite common among people who suddenly have a big secret they are keeping from you.  Your teenager could have suddenly gotten into a bad crowd and is taking drugs. Naturally they would try to hide it, and this would show in them acting secretive and erratic.  A cheating partner will suddenly have to make up excuses, change their schedule and may be hiding feelings of guilt. If there’s any sudden change in how they’re acting, you should be concerned.

They suddenly care more about their appearance

This one is especially true of cheating partners. If they’re suddenly taking a lot of care in their appearance, it’s likely because they’re feeling the need to impress someone new. Behaviours like working out more, new clothes and accessories/jewellery, and taking more care in personal grooming, could be an indication that they’re hiding another relationship. The opposite could be true of a troubled teenager. If they’re under the influence of drugs, their appearance could deteriorate quickly as they fall into the throes of addiction.

They’re evasive when talking about finances

If you suspect a business partner is cheating you, your teenager is on drugs, your spouse is cheating or that your partner or loved one is addicted to gambling, these all could be indicated with them avoiding any discussion about finances. Anyone that close to you should be comfortable answering questions about where money is going, why bills aren’t being paid or why they seem to have less money than usual. They could be blowing it on an addiction, on presents for their affair or stealing it from the business. Either way, if they don’t want to talk about money, alarm bells should ring.

You’ve caught them lying about something

It may seem like a white lie, but if you’ve caught someone lying, and your suspicions have already been raised, this is a very good indicator that they’re lying about other things as well. You need to listen to your gut and find out the truth.


In the end, the only way to know for sure is to run an investigation. Surveillance can get you the proof you need without getting you in trouble by investigating yourself. Our private investigators know how to get you the truth with full discretion. Stop suspecting and find out for sure. Give us a call on 1300 721 715 or email