5 Common Signs Of A Cheating Partner

Steve, here from Elite and today we’re going to take a look at some common signs your partner is cheating on you.

Our cheating spouse service is one of our most commonly requested services here at Elite, and during my time as an investigator I’ve seen and heard some of the strangest things you can possibly imagine. I’ve walked into the back room of a Melbourne Hotel, ready to order a drink and blend in, only to find what can only be described as an orgy taking place.

How do you make an excuse for that one?

On the other hand, I’ve followed a wife suspected of cheating, and found she was actually doing some voluntary work for the Samaritans.

The thing I’ve realised is that there’s usually something being hidden. We get lied to between 10-200 times each day, according to expert Pamela Meyer.

Let’s go through the signs and then discover Pamela’s tips for spotting a liar.

1. Change In Attitude
Has your partner suddenly changed in their attitude towards you? Are they suddenly distant? Have they become ‘super’ nice? Everyone has heard of ‘my husband brought me flowers for no reason’ and it’s true. The caveat here is if there’s a good reason for the change. But if you can’t explain it, and your partner doesn’t or won’t volunteer a reason, there’s definitely the possibly of something going on.

2. Getting Much Friskier Than Usual In Bed
If you and your partner have gone a little ‘stale’ in the bedroom and all of a sudden they’re more excited to get you into bed, this can be a huge red flag. Affairs awaken your sex drive and partners are still the ones they feel most comfortable with in bed. Enjoy the moment but keep an eye out for other tell-tale signs that may be going on.

3. The Look
Has your husband changed his look? A new haircut, new clothes and much more concerned about his appearance. Has your wife gone to work like she’s dressed for a night out? There’s nothing wrong with looking good but if they’re ‘like a new person’ and there are other signs, then you may want to give us a call.

4. Don’t Touch My Phone
These days everyone is on their phone. When affairs start, it’s often reported to us by clients that their partner spent a lot of time texting and their phone became ‘off limits’. After all, if there’s nothing to hide why are they so secretive and deleting emails and texts?

5. The Slip-Up
The human brain struggles with deceit and lies. Even when we say one thing our body language and micro-expressions can tell another story. While you’re not going to become an expert in these areas overnight, there’s another way your partner can ‘slip-up’. It’s in the words they use. They may mention someone of the opposite sex they’re working with. They may use their name or reference something they did together. Listen carefully and you’ll hear it. This is what usually leads to the ‘gut feeling’ our clients have.

Is your partner displaying signs which justify an investigation?

Whatever you do, don’t investigate yourself. Don’t be the detective.

You could be breaking the law and more importantly, you could destroy your relationship when there’s actually nothing going on.

Just give us a call – the initial chat with one of our investigators is completely free of charge. Our experience will tell us if you’re right to be suspicious and we’ll go from there.

You can find out more about people telling lies, just watch the video below of an excellent TED talk by expert Pamela Meyer.