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witnessWitness location is a major area of all detective work related to missing persons, though this task is distinct in its demands and requires all the skills and resources available to investigators.

Unlike a detective’s standard missing persons cases, which sometimes include looking for people who don’t know they are lost to you, a witness location service often means finding people who do not want to be found. This is where an investigator has to rely on their networks and contacts, as well as their talent for being inconspicuous.

Our private detectives are not tied to their location. If a witness has left the state or country, we remain committed to tracing them and providing you with the most up-to-date contact and location details. Once a witness has been located, we provide our clients with a concise, factual report to aid their case. We only deal in the facts of a case, and our reports are the final part of the location service, not simply a stepping stone.

Often, locating a witness who is vital to a court case must be done as quickly as possible. This is where a detective can be invaluable, since we are not hampered by paperwork and red-tape – we can go straight out to the field and locate the people you need found. Speed, efficiency and discretion are all part of the service.

Our investigators also offer skip tracing services to locate people who have disappeared due to a number of debts acquired, or following other problems. We have detectives who specialise in skip tracing, and are the best in the business when it comes to locating people who prefer not to be contacted or approached. If you ask us to, we can offer you security by speaking or acting on your behalf when communicating with the witness or individual we have located for you. This removes the stress and risk from any situation that involves a debtor or reluctant witness, while protecting your privacy and your physical safety.

When you need someone found, consider hiring a private detective – we are always here to help, and happy to discuss your case.

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