Elite Investigations offers surveillance for both security and detective purposes.

How can it be used?

Surveillance can be a very effective tool for a private investigator and their clients if done with proper training and hands on experience in the field. When a matter is before the Courts many allegations, and claims, are made. Without evidence these cannot be given weight. A detective can use a range of surveillance techniques to investigate marital infidelity and affairs, suspicious individuals, drug activity, child or spouse abuse, child neglect, fraud, and any other behaviour that the perpetrators may be secretly engaging in.

Private investigator conducting surveillance with camera
Surveillance team in a modern office with large live screens

How can we help?

Elite Investigations offers surveillance for both security and detective purposes. Our surveillance equipment and expertise can be moulded to suit your needs, whether you need security monitoring for a once-off occasion, or regular surveillance for an important location. We can provide security cameras, hidden cameras and spy cameras for any kind of surveillance you need. We also offer individual surveillance for times when a stationary camera is not enough; our private investigators can monitor the activities of a suspicious individual, and report back with detailed information and evidence.

Surveillance is a vital element of evidence collection in any situation, and as such it is the bread and butter of detective work.

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While it might seem like a good idea to do your own reconnaissance work, you may unknowingly end up committing illegal activities.

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