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scamWith our increasing use of online services and retailers, scams have now grown from being a danger mostly associated with investments, banking and insurance, to including the online scams and cybercrime that we now have to combat daily.

Scams are becoming increasingly prevalent across dating websites, through viral emails and across social media. Scammers can use any form of contact available to gain your trust and take advantage of the unsuspecting. This includes email, social media, phone calls, websites, and even good old flyers in the letterbox. That is where a detective can help – our investigators are professionals when it comes to being suspicious, and we notice when something doesn’t seem quite right, be it on a website, in an email, or a ‘great new investment opportunity’ that a friend told you about.

If you are considering a business decision that seems too good to be true, such as an investment or acquisition, then it is best to safeguard yourself by engaging one of our private detectives Melbourne to investigate the matter so you don’t end up in hot water.

Other types of scams that an investigator can assist you in identifying and avoiding are internet dating scams, and any other relationship scams where a person seeks to acquire money or assets from you after a short time of knowing them. Even if they are offering repayments or collateral, you want to know that this person’s background is not hiding a string of scams, or unhappy exes who were financially and otherwise cheated.

Another major type of scam is the credit card scam. All a fraudster needs is your credit card details, and it only takes a single slip up for your credit card to be compromised. Our detectives can help you with cyber security to protect yourself online.

Our highly qualified detectives can also assist you with education scams, especially those offered through online providers. If an online educator is offering major discounts on their courses, and claiming high qualification levels, then you should definitely have a detective investigate the providers.

More scams to be on the lookout for include phone scams, where you are charged exorbitant amounts to make phone calls to certain businesses, as well as online businesses that offer you fast profits once you sign up and pay the initial admin fee.

With so many scams out there, it is best to call us if you have any concerns about an investment scheme, financial decision, or a suspicious looking operation. Protect your assets by calling one of our discreet and reliable Melbourne detectives today.

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