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collectionIf you have a client or business associate who has fallen behind in payments, and a situation in which your direct requests are being ignored or brushed aside, it is time to enlist a licensed debt collector to recover the money you are owed.

Among our detective investigators we have licensed debt collectors who specialise in retrieving outstanding arrears of all types and sizes. Our professional debt collectors are well-versed in all Australian state and territory legislation, and adhere to it closely. Debt collectors are often recruited for the purposes of:

– Requesting overdue payments, or demanding payments in cases where the debtor is presenting problems;

– Investigating the reasons why the previous payment schedules have not been adhered to, and discussing changes that can be made to achieve a mutually benefitial outcome;

– Making arrangements for repayment with the client, and negotiating an achievable repayment plan that meets the needs of our client and also considers the debtor’s situation;

– Reviewing payment plans after a specified time frame to make sure the repayments are on track, and to follow up with the debtor again if the current repayment plan is not being met.

Another major benefit of hiring a debt collector to follow up on missing payments is the added level of security. With a debt collector, you are protected from any uncomfortable or dangerous situations where debtors may react with anger and aggression. Our debt collectors are fully qualified to deal with such a situation as smoothly as possible and for the best outcome for all involved.

As with all our detectives, our debt collectors are personable and professional, and will work with your debtors to ensure the continuation of a positive relationship. At all times our debt collecting specialists are aware that they are representing your business, and as such they conduct themselves with integrity, honesty and professionalism.

Please call us today to speak to one of our licensed debt collectors about your needs.

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