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lockYour brand represents you to the outside world, identifying you to your current and potential clients and customers. This means that their perception of your brand can greatly influence whether or not potential clients and customers decide to work with you or trust your product. It also influences returning clients and customers by consolidating your brand – essentially, what it is you do – in their memories, so that they turn to you when in need of the solutions or products you offer. For example, we want our brand to remind you to think of us when you need a great private investigator from Melbourne and Sydney!

With online retailing and marketing becoming increasingly more popular and diverse, your brand can reach a much greater audience than ever before. Small Sydney and Melbourne businesses can now reach a global market through their websites and social media. However, this means your branding can be viewed by anyone, and that elements of your brand can be stolen and reused by companies or individuals who do not have your permission, and who you do not want to associate your brand with.

While registering your trademark is a good step, this does not guarantee that someone out there is not using your brand, be it your business name, logo or other key elements. This is especially the case for companies overseas.

A detective specialising in brand protection can trace your registered trademarks and patents to investigate any misuse and harmful counterfeiting of your brand. The detective can then provide solutions to remove any illegal reproduction of your brand.

The reasons to protect your brand are many. It is especially important when reputable and profitable companies are at risk of losing the goodwill behind their brand because local and/or foreign agents are using their name for un-associated products or companies.

You know your brand is your identity in the eyes of your customers and clients, and those in the future. A lot of work is put into creating a successful brand that communicates the right message to your audiences, so our detectives know the importance of offering reliable brand protection.

If you are concerned or unsure whether your brand is being used illegally, an private detective Melbourne and Sydney can conduct brand research to discover brand misuse, then assist you with solutions for ongoing brand protection. Please feel free to call us today to speak to an investigator about your concerns.

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