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We work with many government and large commercial organisations daily, and while we’d love to tell you who, confidentiality agreements require us not to say. Rest assured knowing that our expertise and skills have led us to being the go-to private investigators for Melbourne and Sydney lawyers, Insurance Companies and Corporations Australia-wide.

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The value of discreet and prompt services cannot be overstated.

We provide every one of our clients with personalised services tailored to their requirements.

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Highly Professional

We only employ industry specialists with a history of being results-driven professionals.


We understand how important it can be to keep sensitive information private. You can trust us to handle your case discreetly.

Honourable Honesty

We tell you what we discover, not what we think you want to hear. We backup all of our findings with detailed reports and evidence that will stand up in a court of law.

Reliable Scheduling

Most surveillance operations don’t happen 9-5, so you can feel assured that when you deal with Elite Investigations, we’ll be there at 3am tirelessly doing what’s needed.

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