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Theft in the workplace can be difficult to detect, as it typically starts small. If the dishonest employees discover that they can get away undetected with these small thefts, they are likely to expand their efforts. Your business may soon be losing large sums of money each year, and the larger or more diverse your business interests and assets are, the easier it is for a savvy employee to hide their criminal activities. Even if the thefts are discovered, it is often very difficult for business owners and corporations to identify the guilty party or parties, especially if several employees are involved in the cover-up.

Our detectives can investigate any suspicious financial activity or losses occurring within your company, in relation to both current and former staff, including:

  • Theft of company assets, for example the disappearance of equipment, stock and other resources;
  • Embezzlement of company funds;
  • Misuse of employee allowances or office supply funds;
  • False invoicing and inventory reports that hide theft and fraudulent activities;
  • Intellectual property theft, such as employees selling their ideas to your competitors, or profiting from ideas or designs generated while in your employ and on company time;
  • All other types of fraud.

Whether you are unsure about the causes of missing resources and money, or are certain that workplace theft is occurring and want to uncover the perpetrators, a private investigator can help you nip workplace thieving in the bud and make sure all your employees are working for the good of your company.

If you are concerned or suspicious of criminal activity within your business, please call us today and speak to our highly qualified detectives to discuss your concerns.


For any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact Elite Investigations today via our contact form and one of our experts will be in contact within 24 hours to assist you. Alternatively, for more immediate concerns, call us directly.
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