Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud costs Australian businesses millions of dollars each year

What does it entail?

Insurance fraud costs Australian businesses millions of dollars each year. The most common kind of insurance fraud is a one-off theft when a worker exaggerates their personal compensation claims. These exaggerated or misleading claims include workers compensation claims, income protection claims, and public liability or personal injury claims.

Employee suspected of insurance fraud

Suspecting an employee of insurance fraud

If you suspect an employee has committed insurance fraud, the best way to be certain is to hire an investigator to conduct surveillance and provide evidence of the fraud. For example, if the individual has claimed major and ongoing personal injury, yet can comfortably spend a Saturday afternoon playing cricket, or go out drinking on a Friday night, then they have likely committed fraud. A detective can help you sort out the validity of insurance claims, and if insurance fraud has occurred, they can help you settle the case discreetly, with all necessary evidence provided.

How our private investigators can help you

Elite Investigations employs highly experienced, licensed private investigators. We conduct our investigations discreetly, with integrity and confidentiality, by legally deploying photographic and video surveillance of fraud suspects to provide tangible proof that the facts differ from the claims. Successful surveillance can then be used to pursue civil or criminal action.

Investigating company documents

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