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drugConfronting a loved one, family member, colleague or business associate about their drug, gambling or drinking habit can be difficult, to say the least. People get defensive about behaviour that they know is harmful to them, and the more you try to speak to them about it, the more they’ll brush you off. You may even risk losing their friendship, and driving them further into their addiction.

Even though they may not want any help, you want to give it to them. You know that their behaviour is impacting their relationships, their work, and their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. If it happens to be a spouse or partner, then you know first-hand how their addictive behaviour is affecting their life and yours, and you have a right to want it to stop. However, it is difficult to know how to help someone struggling with a drug problem, gambling addiction or alcoholism.

The first thing to do, before trying to tackle the problem, is to identify it. As someone who is close to them, you can’t confront them without evidence, and you know they won’t tell you the truth about their problem.

Consider hiring a private detective to investigate their addiction and get all the information about their situation. Whether it’s your husband, wife, business partner or a family member, there are many questions to consider. Is it a single drug, or several? How much are they drinking, and how has it affected their health? Is it all types of gambling, or is it one specifically? How much money have they lost or spent? Do they owe money to anyone because of their addiction? Who else are they putting at risk?

Before you confront the person, you want answers to all these questions. Our highly qualified private detectives can undertake surveillance – with the utmost discretion – to get you the answers you need to plan your way forward. Whether you need to take action to protect yourself, or to find a way to convince them to get help, this information is vital.

Call us today to speak to a private investigator Melbourne about any concerns you have for a friend, loved one or acquaintance who is struggling with drugs, alcohol or gambling.

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