A Passing Phase? 5 Signs Of Cheating Women Usually Disregard

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post. Being a private investigator in Melbourne over the last 20 years has shown me a lot about deception, and how people go about hiding things from their friends, family, business partners and of course, the person they supposedly love the most.

While we provide many different services to individuals, corporate companies and the legal profession, by far the most commonly requested service is our cheating spouse service.

You probably think it’s something that you would easily spotif your partner were cheating, surely you’d know, right?

Well, you’d be surprised.

Naturally, when someone contacts us, they must have some inkling something is wrong, or they wouldn’t call and speak with us in the first place. But just what is it that triggers the gut reaction something is going on?

It can be a number of things – something doesn’t add up in your husband’s story about where he’s been. Or he’s not spending much time with you, so what’s he doing instead?

These types of clues are often all someone needs to get in touch with us.

But what about the more subtle clues. Or those which don’t seem to suggest he’s up to something. Things most women simply ignore.

That’s what we’ll be taking a look at today.

Legal Disclaimer: For help with an individual situation, please contact us or use the live chat feature on this page. This is just for general information only, and shouldn’t be taken as advice for your particular situation.

#1 Newly-Found Zest For Life

If your man suddenly seems to have a testosterone boost and is taking the world by storm with every stride, then there must be a reason for him feeling so virulent and full of energy. When men have a new interest affair, they often get more aggressive in bed, want to try new things and are generally more upbeat than usual. This is a big red flag to those of us in the know and is often reported to us by our clients.

#2 Gym Routine

Has your hubby dropped 5kg overnight? Have his love handles disappeared, and his muscle definition sharpened while he busts a gut with his new gym routine? Warning. Danger signs abound. It’s really common for husbands to start pumping iron when they are starting affairs. While you might like the new look, you may not be the only one showing signs of appreciation.

#3 New Clothes

If he splurges out on the latest fashion, you might think things are going great. He’s hit the gym and worked hard, and now it’s time to get those new clothes and look and feel awesome. Yep, you guessed it, this is another sure sign that big changes are happening, and perhaps you can’t see them all. I’m not saying guys don’t ‘recreate’ themselves when they’re not having an affair, but it’s a sure sign there’s new interest in appealing to the opposite sex.

#4 Boogie On Down

Play that funky music… Is he listening to music you’ve never heard him play before? It sounds crazy but is so common it’s really not amusing. Because the new love interest in his life likes different music, he now listens to the same tunes to remind him of her when she’s not around.

#5 All Change

As you can see, most of the clues which get ignored are when a guy improves himself in some way. It might not always be self-improvement, but if your man is making life changes, then there are reasons why. Sometimes it can be new routines, working longer, taking business trips and the usual things you’d expect. But change is a significant indicator of affairs, and any which would make him more attractive to the opposite sex are the most prominent indicators of all.

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