Lies Lies Lies: 5 Verbal Clues That Expose Women Who Cheat

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post. Today we’ll look at some of the common verbal signals given off by women who are cheating on their partner.

Disclaimer: While the verbal signals below are strongly indicative of deceit, this is not an absolute science and therefore not 100% accurate. A cheating partner may give out all or none of these verbal signals and someone may look deceitful when they are in fact telling the truth.

#1 – The Routine Enquiry

This one’s a little evil as it initially feels like your relationship is getting warmer. But if your significant other is suddenly taking much more interest in your routine, then you should beware. One of the reasons she could be asking is so she can organise her own routine to meet up with her newly found fling.

#2 – The Critical Point

Whether it’s anger, criticism or outright cruelty, these types of words are not normal in a healthy relationship. They are, however, present in approximately 70% of cases where a woman is being unfaithful. So, if she’s flinging verbal and emotional abuse left, right and centre, you have every reason to be suspicious.

#3 – The Space Time Solution

One of the most commonly reported signs of a cheating wife is that she’s become emotionally distant. It should come as no surprise that the lead up to this, is her asking for more time or space. It might be that she wants some ‘private time.’ Like any clue to deceit or infidelity, you should look for changes to her normal behaviour. If she’s always liked some alone time, then there’s probably nothing to be concerned about. But if it’s the latest trend, then you should consider the reasons why.

#4 – The Actor’s Rehearsal

You ask how her day was and you get a reply. Only you detect something isn’t quite right in her response. Do her lines sound rehearsed? One way to check is to pretend you didn’t quite catch what she said and get her to repeat her story. If it’s the same lines as before then you should pay a lot of attention. There’s only one reason for someone to rehearse what they’re going to say. And that’s because they’re telling a lie.

#5 – The Flimsy Redirect

This can take many forms but ultimately leads to a change of conversation. It usually starts with a question being answered with a question. The reason is the person who is asking the questions has control over the conversation.

Here’s an example (notice the immediate switch in control. When you answer, she can follow up with another question and lead the conversation somewhere else besides what she got up to today):

You: ‘How was your day?’

Her: ‘It was just a normal boring work day. Did you remember to get —- on your way home?’

So there you have my top 5 ways of detecting verbal deceit in women who cheat. Remember, if you do suspect your wife of cheating the last thing you should do is confront her, or try to investigate yourself (especially if you have children!)

Use our cheating spouse service and this accomplishes 2 things.

Firstly, if she’s not cheating there’s no harm done to your relationship. Secondly, if she is cheating, instead of it being an emotionally charged situation, you can collect yourself, speak with a lawyer if appropriate and determine the best steps forward.

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