Lies & Deception: 4 Tactical Obstacles Facing A Cheating Partner

Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post where we’ll be taking a look at the common tactics employed by a cheating partner.

The biggest problems for a cheat are based around time, money, friends and family. It’s why investigators can use surveillance to catch them out.

Let’s dive straight in:

1. Cash

The cheat has a problem if they want to pay for motel rooms, dinners or extravagant luxuries. Most forms of payment in today’s society are electronic. Credit cards and contactless systems like Apple Pay are the norms. Unless they’re stupid, or you don’t see their statements, they will need to use cash.

Cash now leaves a trail as it’s unusual. So if you see your partner making a number of cash withdrawals and you can’t understand why, there may be a good reason to investigate.

2. Accidents

How do you make sure you don’t accidentally bump into people you don’t know? The easiest way is to be in a place where you don’t know many people. This means the cheat has to travel to an area where they don’t know anyone. In the city, this might include meeting in a hotel room but entering the hotel separately.

Whichever solution is being utilised, the cheat will often turn their phones off during this time. So, if their phones are off regularly and at the same times each week, then you’d be right to be concerned.

3. Reasonable Excuses

Cheats know that obvious changes to a routine may arouse suspicion. They may work late one week but they don’t want to use the same excuses all the time.

This means they’re constantly inventing new excuses for the reason why they will be home late. Or have to leave early.

Some cheats conduct their extramarital activities early in the morning – the time when it’s least suspicious.

4. Friendly Activity

Has your spouse stopped talking about their friends as much? Has the usual ‘gossip’ dried up? The cheat’s problem is that if they’re spending time with someone else that they can’t talk about, it means they can’t spend as much time with their friends.

How does a cheat overcome this problem? It can manifest in a number of ways. Some will over talk a point or repeat conversations they’ve had with you. Some will even talk about the person they’re having an affair with but in a platonic way.

In Summary:

Cheats face significant obstacles in making time and money available for the person they’re having an affair with. They are forced to find ways to navigate these obstacles and leave clues as to what’s going on.

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Until next time, Steve