Is My Boyfriend Cheating On Me?

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post where I’m going to show you the signs which will help you answer the question, “Is my boyfriend cheating on me?”

When concerned girlfriends call us they always ask this question. While we can’t say for sure because there’s always the possibility something else has caused a particular individual boyfriend’s behaviour, there are certain signs which make cheating highly probable.

And it’s these top four signs of a cheating boyfriend we’ll explore today.


Disclaimer: This information is for general educational purposes only and may not apply to all situations — everyone is unique after all. For help with an individual situation, please contact us —the first call is free, and we may just be able to put your mind at rest!


#1 Time Excuses

One of the biggest clues to a cheating boyfriend are the excuses he makes to not spend time with you.

Is he going to way more work events than he ever was before?

Is he spending way more time working in the first place? (This can be in the morning as well as working late.)

Does he find reasons to travel independently from you? (Take two cars instead of one because he has to do something on the way?)

Is he going to the gym much more than he ever did before?

The thing to remember about time excuses is that it’s not always to go and do the dirty. He also needs time to communicate with his “bit on the side.” So, he may need to make a call, send an SMS, or have a messenger chat.


#2 Timestamping

Cheating requires a careful balancing act.

An unfaithful boyfriend has to find ways to spend time with his lover as well as you — all without raising your suspicions.

This juggling act is often down to the minute.

Timestamping is almost like “checking in” to avoid any red flags you might otherwise see. He may call you at precisely 12.30 pm every lunchtime. He may come home at 6.30 pm every day. It can be almost ritualistic in nature as he balances time.

It’s a surefire sign there’s something he doesn’t want you to know. Even worse, if he’s a serial cheat, he might start this process right from the very beginning of your relationship.


#3 The Blank Stare

There are lots of ways to discover a cheat from their body language. One of the clearest signs is the boyfriend who is suddenly lost for words.

You ask an innocent question about something he said a week or more ago, and he becomes vacant as he tries to remember what he said to you.

Our human memory finds it easier to remember something that actually happened compared to something we said. If he’s been lying to you, he can become lost in the tangle of lies and has to attempt to recall details about the thing which never really happened.

As he delves into his web of deceit, he may also use stalling tactics to give himself more time to answer. Answering questions with questions, or getting you to repeat something you asked clearly are common signs of lying.


#4 Phone Behaviour

How your boyfriend acts with his phone can provide many clues to cheating.

Most people can’t help but use their device almost constantly, so if there are periods of time you can’t reach him — radio silence — then you’re right to be wary. Especially if this happens at the same time of day, or days each week.

Does he often look at his phone and smile? And then, when you ask why he tells you it’s nothing? Again, this is a red flag.

Is he overly protective of his phone? Does he take it with him everywhere he goes? Including the toilet? If you’re never alone with his mobile, you’re right to wonder why that is.



Time and lies are the cheating boyfriend’s biggest obstacles while carrying on an affair. Communication with the other woman is easy — he simply uses his phone.

But he can’t let you discover his flirty conversations. So, if you suspect he’s up to something, your best bet is to focus on these 3 areas — at least to begin with. Of course, to find out for sure, you can use our cheating partner investigations services.

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