Is it ever OK to snoop?

If you suspect that your husband, wife or partner is cheating on you, you may think it’s a good idea to investigate them yourself, snooping around to find evidence of their treachery. You’ve probably already tried to look through their phone or email. But the fact of the matter is, all you’re doing is putting yourself at risk. Our private investigators have seen time and time again the things that can go wrong when someone takes investigating into their own hands….

You’ll probably get caught

First things first, you need to realise that the most likely scenario is that you’ll get caught snooping by your partner. There’s a reason it takes years of experience to become a professional private investigator. Investigating someone without them finding out is very tricky, and something that you likely have next to no experience in. What’s the issue if you do get caught? If your partner finds out that you’re spying on them or snooping around in their private things, or even if they suspect that you’re doing it, the whole situation will likely blow up quite quickly. Best case scenario, you have a huge argument and they never trust you again. Worst case? They could call the cops, a lawyer, or both!

Your investigation could put you in jail

Then things can go really bad. People have a right to privacy, and that means that you can be prosecuted for violating that right. Yes, you can definitely serve jail time if you went a little bit too far in your snooping. If they file for a restraining order, you’re in particularly bad situation, as that means that if you then hire a private investigator, the amount of work they can do is limited. Sometimes you with a restraining order you can’t have someone investigate your partner at all. This limits you greatly, as a private investigator could be exactly what you need to get the truth.

In most states, the law prohibits a lot of investigation and surveillance unless it’s carried out by a licensed detective.  With recent updates, this now includes digital privacy, so if you snoop into their phone or get into their email, you’re in break of the law. Jail time aside, you could land yourself with some hefty penalties for breaching privacy laws.

You won’t be able to find much

Assuming you don’t get caught, another issue is that you’re not skilled at investigating. Sorry to be blunt, but you;re probably not very good at finding out what’s going on behind your back. Private investigating is a skill, one that takes years of training, experience and qualifications to become capable of running a successful investigation. You may find yourself running into difficulties with your snooping. A licensed detective can help you get what you need faster, more discreetly and often will find out information that you would never have been able to find on your own, as we have access to many systems and equipment that you don’t have. Private investigators can take investigations to the next level.

In the end, snooping on your partner can seem like a good idea to find out the truth, but if you think about what you want to find out, and what could go wrong, you’ll see that this is definitely one of the times you want to call in the professionals!


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