How to work up the courage to call a private investigator

The thought may have crossed your mind to call a private investigator, but it can be a scary thought, and that first call can take a lot of courage. It means admitting to yourself that you need to know the truth about something that you probably don’t want to know the truth about. Here’s how to get out of denial and work up the courage to make that call, and why it will be the best thing you ever did.

Firstly, stop telling yourself lies. You know what these lies are. They range from full blown denial (nothing’s wrong, I’m imagining things, I don’t need a private investigator) to justification of the situation, that is, convincing yourself that even if something’s wrong, you don’t need to know (the situation isn’t that bad, I don’t really need to know what’s going on, this isn’t anything I can’t handle). There’s a lot wrong with this self denial. The problem is, without recognising that something is wrong, the doubt will eat away it you. It can sit at the back of your mind, slowly gnawing at you. If something is going on behind your back, you definitely should know about. If it’s all good news, then your private investigator has given you peace of mind. If your detective confirms your suspicions, then at least you can address the issue. You won’t live in doubt anymore.

Stop fearing the truth. Trust us, the doubt of not knowing is hurting you far more that the truth ever will. If your partner is cheating on you, or your child is on drugs, or your business partner is stealing from you, whatever the matter is that you need investigating, having the full truth gives you control of the situation. If you’re too scared to know the truth, then you probably need to know it more that ever, because you know that whatever is going on, it’s not good. If you stick your head in the sand, all that will happen is the truth will sneak up on you and bite you. Remind yourself, truth is power, and proper surveillance and investigation is always the best (and legal) way to find out that truth,

Remind yourself that a PI is on your side. When you talk to your investigator, remember that they are there to serve you. They’re always going to act in your best interest, and run their surveillance and investigations so that your get the evidence you need. Think of them as a loyal sidekick. They want you to get the best information at the best rate, so that you come out of it satisfied that you know the truth.

Always trust your gut. If you suspect that something is happening, but you don’t have any concrete proof, there’s probably a reason for it. Our bodies are incredible things. High risk professionals such as doctors, cops and soldiers will rely on their instincts first to tell them if a situation is wrong. Don’t dismiss these very real indicators. Your body knows.

Lastly, just make the call. Talk to us. We’re just human beings, with a particular set of skills that can be of great use to you. So talk to us and see what happens. You can always hang up.

If you have your suspicions, please call us today to speak with one of our discreet detectives. We have the highest degree of experience and skill, and know how to get you the truth while keeping your suspicions discreet. Your first big step towards knowing the truth is to give us a call on 1300 721 715 or email We don’t bite!